Thursday, February 07, 2008

meetmark. by latest Aquisitions

Got my Order in yesterday! Woo Hoo....I LOVE getting mark. mail.......had a little bit of a snafu with the delivery though......I knew my package was set to arrive today....but it dawned on me that the doorbell never rang? they always ring the bell and leave the package ..walking off before I even get to the door. I went to check and sure enough there was my package...or so I was about the right size and looked like most of my other packages I tore right into it....Right away something looked off.....mark. packing slips are always pink.....and this one wasn't ....upon closer inspection the packing slip was for some Microwave Plate co. hmmmnn no mark. isn't into microwaves......upon closer inspection that wasn't MY name on the invoice...but my neighbors.....

Now the other day I was expecting a mark. package and it was delivered to my neighbors by accident( same neighbor) I start to wonder about MY package as it WAS supposed to be delivered yesterday as well....I check online and sure enough it shows my package as being 'delivered"....hmmnn I bet neighbor has I tape hers back up....and head on over there and sure enough, there's I switched and went on back home with mine( first I rang the bell though in case they were home and saw me take the package, thinking I might be walking off with a package of theirs)'s some of my new loot.....I got this Great Purse in the Pewter's HUGE...big enough to carry a LOT of stuff in....and I got the Wallet Below in the same Pewter color as the bag...I could only find a pic of it in Bronze. it's pretty cool...the inside has a place for a few IDs...a mirror...a spot for a lipgloss or lipstick....and a large zippered pouch.....the two sides open up to leopard lined has more spaces for ID or Credit cards and maybe receipts....the other has a zippered space for change and room for Cash......I really LOVE this wallet I can fit so much in it and it's all very 'organized" ..I already switched out my old's also pretty cute on it's own and can be used as a small evening clutch...I got this cute Thermal top for the Drama Teen....she was excited to see it on her bed after school yesterday.....That's what I do...I buy her stuff during the day while she's at school and leave it on her Bed for her to discover when she gets home.....I almost always manage to thrill her...she's so easy...LOL

and these cute Silver hoop Earrings....I bought them for myself Earlier and decided to get her a pair too.....they aren't bad....not the best I've seen from mark. Up close they kind of look cheesy...the material they used to make them looks cheap....but unless you're staring at them close-up two inches away.....they look pretty cute....and who really is going to get THAT close to notice...other than maybe your significant other ..who probably wont care..LOL

And finally this ......I really LOVE these little make-up kits mark. has been putting together.....They call them Flip for Its....It's a little Mirrored Compact...the middle part with the make-up rotates or 'flips" side has two eyeshadows and a blush...the other side has two Lipsticks and two Lipglosses...

.they have two other one's in the magalog right now as well...but they are 'unavailable" which ticks me off, seeing as the magalog only went live like two days the heck am I supposed to make my customers happy if they can't even order the cute stuff when it is supposed to come out...I was able to get my hands on the other two kits earlier this month...I kept this one and one of the others for myself and gave Drama Teen the third..then I tried to order the other two for her but was only able to get this one.

Oh BTW...Lauren ( as in Lauren's Fave up there) is Lauren Conrad from MTV's The Hills....I guess she's a spokesperson for meetmark. by Avon.

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