Friday, February 08, 2008

Walls Walls Walls

Just to give you an idea of what I meant in the post before.

This first one is a small snippet of my living room walls. Two walls are painted this barn red type color...and two walls are wood paneling ( which I hate but the Commander LOVES..@@)

This is my front entry. The front door is to the right of this wall. This is my favortie area of the whole house. I LOVE this color.

This is my upstairs hallway. I couldn't quite capture the color. It's a light aqua, but looks brighter than this in real life.

This is my Oldest son's room( the Genious..I'll have to explain that one of these days, I've never posted about it)
NO he didn't choose that color.... this was his little sisters room eons ago. When he moved back home this was his only option and he doesn't care enough to make us change it.

This is the Drama Teens room. Her favorite color is Purple. I should have taken pics of her furniture( which is all painted BRIGHT PINK) and her carpet(Leopard Print) . This room is too cool and the one room the Realtor said we should keep just for fun.

Here is my laundry room...I LOVE this color as well but the Commander thinks it's hideous! I told him, hey, "I'm" the one who has to spend my time in there doing laundry day in and day out, and "I" LIKE it . It makes it a nice 'cheery" room.
I think it's Green Apple.

This is the girls Bathroom. The color is Carnation Pink.They now share it with the Genious, but he didn't live here when we painted it. At that time it was just the girls who used this bathroom.

This is our Music/Computer room. I can't remember the name of this color ..but it looks like a nice blood red ..don't you think?

The Commander had this idea that he would make this room a sound studio and produce CD's for the Drama Teen..She's written a ton of her own songs and he has all the equipment to do it. Just hasn't found the time to actually sit down and mix a CD for her.

and this is a view in my older daughter's room ( the Co-ed) The red( almost the same blood red from the music room but not quite) is her main bedroom.... the Blue is a loft bed her father built for her over her walkin closet which is the green. That blue is the same blue from my entrance and the green is the green from the laundry room. I passed my love of color on to her.LOL
This is part of an addition the Commander added on to our house a couple years ago. He added on a 2 car Garage with living space above it. Half became the Co-ed's room and the other half is my crafting space right now.

Here is a shot of some of my yarn stash in the Craft room. This yellow room is not to be confused with the Yellow area you see right out side the Genious's room. That other room at the the other end of the house and is just a small sitting room where the kids play video games.

I took this to show the view from my craft room thru the music room,thru the hallway,where you can see the pale aqua of the hall and part of the entry which extends to the second floor...if you go thru the dark blue arch there. and turn left you will be in the other yellow video games room and if you turn right after that you'll be in Genious's room.
As you can see I am NOT afraid of COLOR!! At least that is what Our Realtor said when he did the Walk thru a while back. Most of this will all have to repainted in pale neutral colors for Operation House. At first I was upset...but then again I've actually been wanting to go to a more neutral calm decor. Just don't tell the Commander. I don't want him to know I actually LIKE these changes...I want him to think it's a real hardship for me so I can score some sympathy points from him...LOL...this way he 'might' let me have my way with other things...LOL

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Laura said...

I love the lime green! I would LOVE for my kitchen to be a lime/margarita green if I had the nerve - I might do it once we completely remodel the kitchen. It will be a big change from my Americana look, LOL!


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