Thursday, January 13, 2005

To Market ! To Market!-crosspost

I had such a great day yesterday ...I went to the Asian Market in Va Beach with a couple of friends. What a great place...I couldn't decide what to buy so i bought a bunch of different things for us to try..after we were done shopping we piled into the truck and passed our loot around to sample.....some of it was yummy , and some of it was Yucky! are some pics of my loot....yummy stuff:Yucky stuff:More yummy stuff:this actually came with cute little spoons:we also went to the Puerto Rican market and nanci bought me this......then we went next door to the Puerto Rican Diner and had lunch was very good ...fried plantains.....chicken stew..and yellowrice and beans...washed down with coconut soda....YUMMMM

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