Sunday, January 09, 2005

Saga of the Yellow Billabong-crosspost

Thru the year I want you to take note of the yellow Sweatshirt Brandon is will more than likely see it OFTEN! As i looked thru my pictures from last year I noticed a pattern emerging when it came to pictures of nearly EVERY picture he is wearing the SAME Maroon Billabong Sweatshirt. Soooo, for Christmas this year.......I bought him a NEW billabong Sweatshirt( this time in Yellow) I was hoping we'd get to see some variety this year...LOL...well so far I've seen Brandon about 5 times since Christmas and EVERY time he has been wearing the Yellow Billabong. So i figured I'd start of photojournal chronicalling( is that a word?) the Year of the Yellow Billabong. I wonder how many picture's I can get of him wearing it? ..let's start with New Years.

And of course his Birthday.

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