Saturday, January 29, 2005

Surprise Phone Call-crosspost

So who should call today but Brad( which wasn't all that surprising I expected a call since today was Rachel's surgery)
What I DIDN'T expect though was to be told 'hey, I'm in NY and will be home in a few hours!!!" ACKKKKK.....I thought I had a whole 24 more hours to get the house together.......that's what i get for letting things go and then procrastinating till the 'laaassst minute" ....then joy..the electricty goes out so then I couldn't even DO half the things i needed to do.....ARGG
We managed to get what we could, done without electricty and luckily things didn't look too was kewl seeing the kids actually hanging together in the living room( even Nate!!)

....playing a card candlelight..LOL...
Brad's flight even got in early..LOL...he brought us back some neat loot from Holland..hats for the girlspottery for meand cheese for Rachel but we hope she will share..LOL
the electricity eventually came back ...and it was a really nice evening..

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