Thursday, May 22, 2008


We've been having a rash of severe storms lately. It's actually been quite scary. A couple of weeks ago Suffolk had a tornado that ripped thru a neighborhood and leveled quite a few homes. The same day as Drama Teens Concert we had heavy winds and I was really worried we might get a tornado coming thru. Luckily no tornados but the winds were heavy enough to take a couple of our trees down. This first one is one of ten Bradford Pear trees that line our driveway. It pretty much split in half. Luckily there's still enough of it left to keep the symmetry of our drive intact..LOL.

This other tree is a Gum Tree that completely fell over. Again, luckily it fell in the right direction , AWAY from our Driveway and AWAY from any of our cars...although the Co-ed wouldn't really have minded if it had landed on hers..LOL. ( having transmission problems YET again)

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