Monday, May 19, 2008

Prom Princess

Last Friday was Drama Teen's Senior Prom. She made her own dress. It's supposed to be a Sleeping Beauty Dress. ( without the sleeves) I think she did a pretty good job. She's learned to sew in Drama Class ..sewing her costumes for her shows. Her Dress turned out beautiful and she LOVED it. She really felt like a Princess. Her date was her leading man from the Musical. His mother made his Vest to match Drama Teens dress. She finished it just as they were getting ready to leave..LOL. One of her other Friends decided to go as the Princess from Enchanted. she also made her own dress( another drama teen)..Isn't she just the most beautiful Princess you ever saw?

1 comment:

Jennifer Paganelli said...

The girls look like princesses..charming..Love the prom don't you.


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