Monday, May 19, 2008

Memorial for Father

This weekend we had a special Memorial Service for Father Richardson at our own chapel. We attended the Vigil Service at St. Gregory's and the Funeral Service at Little Creek Amphibous Base on the 5th and 6th. They weren't at our Chapel because our chapel is just too small to have acommodated all the people who would want to attend. Plus Father spent many years at Little Creek and had requested his Funeral be held there. St Gregory's hold about 2000 or more...and it was Packed! The Vigil Service was really nice, people from all aspects of Father's life got up to speak. It was amazing to hear all the stories and we learned so much bout Father that we never knew. The Mayor of Virginia Beach was one of the speakers. This little Jewish Woman had such a wonderful speach to honor Him. The funeral service was beautiful. The Bishop officiated over Mass. Drama Teen and I and one other woman from our chapel had the opportunity to sing with the Little Creek Choir for his Funeral Service.

Anyway this weekend was for our congregtion. We had our own Memorial Service and Reception in Honor of Father. His sister, brother in law, and nephew were in attendance. We had a few parishoners speak, and we sang all of Father's favorite Hymns. It was a beautiful Service.

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