Thursday, May 29, 2008

Road Trip

Co-ed and I took a quick Trip up to Va Tech this week. She was going to stay up there for the summer and take a few courses so she could graduate early. She still plans to graduate early , but decided to take online courses so she could stay home for the summer. She needed a few things from her apartment though so we took a day trip up to Blacksburg. Packed up a few of her things and did a little cleaning. On the way home we didn't want to stop for fast food, so we kept watch for anything that sounded good. First we took an Exit for the Scenic Mountain restaurant, but as we drove up it didn't look too promising so we decided to just keep on going.....then we came to the Natural Bridge Exit, and figured why not? We weren't sure what to expect as we'd never checked it out before. We came up to the Hotel and were Mildly surprised! It looked really nice. The area is really beautiful and the Hotel looks very swanky. We dined at the Hotel Restaurant. I was a little worried we might be underdressed but we were fine. The Food was absolutley wonderful . We started with some Hoppin' John Cakes..I'd never had them before but OMG they were GOOD! Then I had Pork medalians with a sweet Bourbong Sauce and a Sweet Potato Casserole...Coed had Porkribs and pulled pork with the Sweet potato Cassrole as well. Co-ed and I definately want to come back sometime this summer to spend a weekend. It was too late to see any of the 'sights"...there's a Wax Museum, some Caverns, a Zoo even???

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