Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring Concert

Tonight Drama Teen was a Chorus Teen. The Spring concert was tonight. The final Concert of the year. The great thing about this concert was that various students got to particpate in various ways. Some were soloists, some were accompanyists, and two got to conduct( as part of the Senior Honor's class) Drama Teen was one who got to Conduct. Not only did she conduct, but she conducted a song that she composed herself. How awesome is that!!? Her song was lovely, I had tears in my eyes as I sat in on rehearsal before the concert. The words were inspired from a special Prayer that Father Richardson had given her not long before he fell ill. So it was really touching to have it performed this Spring, in light of his passing. I've been a Chorus Parent for the last 9 years!!! I would say this is my last year as a Chorus Parent but Drama Teen will most likely be participating in Chorus at JMU next year. She is definately pursuing a Musical Career of some sort.

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