Saturday, May 31, 2008


Last night was such a great night. My BFF was here in town for a short visit. She moved to Qatar two years ago with her husband, and I have been missing her something awful! When she lived here we were inseperable . We went out all the time and had soo much fun. I started to actually 'have a life" once I met her and did more living in the 5 years we were friends than I had done my whole life. She was a local Actress and got invited to the coolest parties and events and such. I actually got to work with her on a Pilot for HBO once. (although it's never actually come to fruition, at least not yet.) and I've gotten to accompany her on a few shoots. She was actually in an episode of One Tree Hill. It was funny because she was even given guest star billing. We were all excited and even had aparty to "watch" her episode,with Champagne even..LOL....then her scene finally came up at the VERY end and WTH it was all blurred out!!!!!! Even the extras got more airtime than she did and they were 'clear'...LOL OH well.

So anyways she was in town last week and we finally got to go out. We went into Norfolk to a little place called Crackers..They have the best Martini's . I got a little tipsy..LOL...luckily I wasn't driving, although I probably should have as BFF hasn't driven in america for a while and the 'rules' in Qatar are a little 'different" which means we had a few 'close calls" .

We had Martini's and Tappas. All the food was awesome!
For Dessert we had Some-Mores , how cool is that?We also learned that if you stick the little skewer into the burner gel and let it burn for a while it makes a great writing is the Co-eds artwork...Everyone joined in the fun.!

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