Monday, May 19, 2008

Cast Party

Since Drama Teen was the lead, it only seemed fitting that we host the Cast party.....imagine about 100 teens...and a few parents, in your home all at one time, for a party that didn't even get to START until about 11:30 pm!!! Believe it or not, it really wasn't that bad. These are such a great group of kids, and I loved having them all there. I only hope they had a great time too, from the sounds of things they seemed to be. Hopefully my nieghbors aren't too miffed ..LOL

Haven't heard any complaints yet. ..LOL
Here we have Genious Boy ( still haven't shared his story yet, have I?) anyway here we have Genious Boy manning the 'massive' Bon fire...I have learned that Fire goes over VERY well at a teen party. If you build it ...they will come....

and here we have the two Rachel's ....the Co-ed and Drama Teens good friend who shall from now on be considered Apron Girl..LOL..

The Co-ed was quite Popular at this HS teen you can see.. worst part is she HATES to be hugged and she's really not all that fond of High Schoolers...LOL On top of it all I can't seem to find one picture of Drama Teen at her own party!!

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