Monday, May 19, 2008

All State Chorus..

As if Spring Musical didn't keep her busy enough, Drama Teen also took part in the Virginia All State Chorus. She scored the highest in our district. The All State Chorus was the last weekend of April and took place in Harrisonburg this year. I was a chaperone driver. One the Commander's sisters lives in Winchester which is only aoobout an hour away so I was able to spend a day with her family. It was a really great visit..she has her hands full with four young children but it was such a blast spending the day with them..They are sooo adorable.

We stopped for Lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way. Here Drama Teen is helping her
Chorus Director with the intelligence puzzle.

Drama Teen and a friend waiting for the event to start.

Day of the concert , taking her place.

Afterwards with their Conductor, she said Drama Teen really stood out and had a beautiful voice.

The concert was incredible! Such talented kids!

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