Monday, May 26, 2008


Drama Teen has been taking voice lessons for the last year or so. On Wednesday they had a recital for all the voice students. There were some pretty talented kids. Especially the younger ones. There were 3 middle school girls who did really well. They will definately be contenders when they get to High School. Of the High School kids Drama Teen pretty much had everyone beat , except for one girl from the Governer's School. She was awesome.

Drama Teen really blew me away though as usual. She always surprises me. I know she's good. It shouldn't be that surprising but it still moves me to hear her sing and see her perform!

DramaTeen and friends lead the way...hoping we don't get lost!Finally made it, only had to turn around twice..LOLDramaTeen with other schoolmates who were performing that evening.Best Friends Forever!
A Tango with her Leading man from Sound of Music( his mom and brother came to see her sing as well)And here she is with her Voice Coach.

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