Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Repeats???

Ok, so I know I haven't been the most prolific blogger as of late....but......I'm ready to jump back in  bloggy pool! And what better way than to start a challenge? Yeah , I know, I 'start' these all the time. Not sure I've ever 'finished' one, or even made it half way or even past the 2nd day!!!! But I'm going to give the good ole college try! I've spent the last few days perusing over the the blogs of some awesome Style Bloggers that participated in a 30 for 30 Challenge. This challenge just ended, though, so I Pretty much missed the party....

But....there's this new Challenge that is right up my alley. The No-Repeats challenge. Granted I'm about a day late for this one too and therefore can't be an Official Member but figure I can still play along. I've actually wanted to do a challenge like this for a while. Since moving to WI I've gotten a GOOD look at my wardrobe and wow...I mean ..I knew I had a LOT of clothes and shoes..but really I'm shocked at how much I really DO have! Sad thing is I don't even wear half of it. Like most people I only wear maybe 20% of my wardrobe 80% of the time. I've seen a few other Challenges where the paricipants don't shop at all for a specific amount of time....some for a few months, and some for a whole YEAR even. Part of me would like to try that ...but I'm not sure I'm really ready for that yet..LOL

The No-Repeat challenge seems like something I could handle...and I think I could even handle not shopping for the duration. To be honest, since moving to WI I haven't had the inclination to shop as much as I used to. Partly because I live out in the Frozen Tundra and don't have many decent stores nearby to shop at. And I'm not crazy about driving very far on snowy, icy roads. I have been enjoying a little bit of Online Shopping, but I find I'm a little more careful and don't make as many impulse purchases online.

So for the No-Repeat Challenge- as you might have already guessed, the idea is to wear soemthing different every day for a month without repeating the main components of your outfit(tops and bottoms) . Accessories and shoes are Ok to repeat. Actually there are two ways to participate.
 1)You can wear things more than once but not together...In other words you can wear a pair of jeans more than once...just not with the same tops. ( this is mainly for those who don't have enough tops and/or bottoms to not repeat at some point)
2) You don't repeat ANY article of clothing other than accessories and shoes. ( If you think you have enough tops and bottoms to get you through the month) I'm ashamed to admit I think I have enough to get me thru a few months maybe even the whole year, yikes! And if it weren't winter I'd probably have enough shoes to get  me thru as well.

So anyway....I'll be trying option 2. And as I stated earlier, I'm a day late already..so even though the challenge is from Dec. 13th to Jan. 13th,mine will be from the 14th to the 14th.

Here's a little button linking to the Main Challenge page so you can read up on it and get a better idea of what I'm talking about.
And Here's MY First Outfit for Dec. 14th 2010
Not a great Picture...sorry.

Grey Old Navy Cords-I think I bought these two years ago. I don't wear them much as they are a little too big. I think I'll probably be giving these up this year.
Teal Long Sleeve T-shirt-Energie, from Shopko-I bought a few of these this year for layering under sweaters and stuff...but I'm not crazy about the way they fit. They ride up alot and I'm always fidgeting with them , so these will probably be going as well.
Orange Sweater New York and Co-Christmas Gift from my girls a few years ago. I really like this sweater but need to find more ways to wear it.
Dr Scholls Cloggs -wear them ALL the time in the winter.LOVE them.

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