Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 6,7,and 8..

It's been a busy weekend. Saturday the Drama Teen(who is no longer a Teen) flew in from Virginia. And on Sunday we had the Family Christmas Celebration at my Mother in Laws.

So Here are the outfits for the last 3 days.....


Dress-Tucker for Target
Belt-not sure
Tights-Apt 9-Kohls
Boots-not sure..Payless? maybe..
and here with a Cardigan from H & M. I got it last year.
This is the first time I've worn this dress even though I've had it for a couple months...this is one of my problems...I buy things and hang them in the closet or shove them in a drawer and forget about them. Or save them to wear for a special occasion that never really materializes.....So I finally found a special occasion to wear it for. Christmas at my Mother In Law's. I LOVE it and felt wonderful in it. I don't usually wear belts either, but they seem to be 'in' these days and I've been wanting to try using some. I loved how this belt worked with the dresss. I actually tried a different one that I got from Anthropologie. It was stretchy and had a flower closure...but it wouldn't stay clasped and then finally just fell apart...I'm kinda ticked because it wasn't cheap and I expected more from Anthro.

Here we are at my Mother In Laws. Me , the Drama Teen and the Commander with our  Godson.
 Gray Old Navy Sweater-had this a few years.
Levis-Have had for YEARS.
Monday was a relaxed day that I really didn't want to 'think' about what I'd wear. This is an outfit I wear all the time. I have a couple of these Jeans, and a few similar sweaters that I usually just throw on without thinking about it. I'm trying not to wear too many of my 'go to' outfits too early on. Want to make sure I have a few fallback outfits for days like Monday.


Sweater Dress-JCPenny
Leggings-Not sure..Shopko? maybe

Another lazy want to lay around in my pajamas type day. It snowed last night. Commander has the day off and we just hung out at home putting our Christmas presents together. Just wanted to be comfy. I got this dress earlier this fall and again, haven't worn it yet. Didn't really like the fit.. It's a little too body concious. Shows too much. So at this point it's definitely an 'at home' only outfit.
P.S. These are NOT the same leggings from the other day....luckily I have a few pairs of Black Leggings.

Drama Teen and Commander spent most of the weekend assembling these.....

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