Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comfort-Day Three

 Sweater-Express(Last Year),Gray Turtleneck-Target(last year, I think), Leggings-Shopko
I chose today's outfit because I really wanted to be warm and comfortable. Normally I'd just wear sweats(This has been the case WAY too often since I moved here, and the main reason I want to do this challenge) so I decided to put together an outfit that would be just as warm and cuddly. I dug this sweater out of the Goodwill basket! Not sure WHY I was planning to get rid of it. I lived in it last year. It's way more comfy than any of my sweatshirts and MUCH cuter. Took me a while to find it, I looked everywhere for it for the last week . Finally found it today.

Today was a creative day. Spent most of the day working on this Scrapbook for my BIL-the one who helped CDR build our house. It's a scrapbook of the whole process.

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