Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 5-No Repeats

Another busy day. Commander decided we needed a few more gifts for a few more although I 'thought' I was done, I had to venture out  today....on a Saturday....during the Holidays.....the last weekend before Christmas! I wasn't thrilled! As much as I HATE shopping during the Holidays(especially on weekends) I HATE driving on icy , snowy roads even more....and in my Wimpy "Southern" Truck( has rear wheel drive-soooo not good on snowy , icy roads.And it doesn't like the cold so it stalls at every stoplight!Ugg)So anyways ..that has been my day. Now I'm cooking up a Sweet Potato Casserole for our Family Christmas Celebration at my MIL's tomorrow. And hopefully later tonight we'll be picking up the Drama Teen(who's not a 'teen' anymore) in Milwaukee...I say 'hopefully' because her flights been delayed out of DC now, for about an hour and we're not sure she'll make it to her connection in time.

On to today's oufit:

Plaid Tunic-Gift from the Co-ed last Christmas.
Gray Sequined Sweater- I think it was from Target-YEARS ago.
Dressy Denim Trousers-Target-a few years ago.
Socks-not sure, I think I got them at Goodwill(they were still in their package)

I like the top , it's comfortable and I love the colors. I've noticed that Plaid Tunic type tops seem to be popular on a lot of the Style blogs so I think I'll hold on to this one. The Gray sweater I've thought of giving away a few times. It's pretty but just doesn't fit right. Of course, sequins seem to be 'in' right now too, so part of me wants to keep it...but I'm just not sure. Love the pants, used to wear them ALL the time. Lately they've been forgotten in my closet. Definite keepers though. Will wear them often once the Challenge is over.

I did some shopping today and made the mistake of wearing these Gray Suedish Flats...NOT a good idea when the parking lots are all Dirty Slushy Wet Messes! I'm not sure I really even like these shoes very much anyway. They were cheap Walmart Slipons and I'm just not crazy about the way they feel and look. They're comfortable but they feel too much like I'm walking around in Slippers, which might seem like a 'good' thing to some people but I'm not really into them.

 Later , if and when, I get to pick up my daughter from the Air Port in Milwaukee I think I'll wear these.I can't remember where I got them...Payless? maybe? They have a little bit of heel but are pretty comfortable.

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