Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas!

Ok...yeah...I know..It's been a while....So it's December 1st and we are starting to get into the Christmas Spirit around here. Thanksgiving was wonderful. We hosted at our New House this year. Drama Teen(who is a Teen NO more) was flown in for the festivities.

The day after Thanksgiving we made like the Griswalds...and went in search of the perfect Tree to chop down. Ok so maybe not sooooo much like the Griswalds..we didn't trudge thru the snow, Freezing our eyeballs off. But we did  find the perfect Tree and She's a beaut!

I'm really trying to get into the Holiday spirit this year and try to have a nice Peaceful Christmas. One of the blogs I've been following has this great idea for reminding yourself to keep the Peace this year. Starting today she says to light a special candle every day this month and let it remind you to calm down and say a prayer nto create a sense of Peace in everyday. I think it's great and I'm stealing her idea. So for the month of December I'll be lighting a Candle every day to remind myself to take it easy and not overdo the Holdiays.

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