Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Two No-Repeats

I apologize again for the crappy picture....Gosh I wish I could take really awesome Style Photos like all those cool Style Bloggers do! But alas, my camera sucks(getting a new one for Christmas) , my abilities seem to suck, and I don't have anyone to take my photos for me....Commander would look at me like I had two heads if I asked to take pics of my outfits every day. Every once in a while I can sneakily get someone to take a pic of me in one of my outfits but even then it's hard because they don't usually think to get the WHOLE outfit in the pic and I can't explain that I WANT the whole outfit in the pic without them thinking I'm totally here's my Day Two pics.

Didn't get my pics done until the sun had started to set, which didn't help with the quality of the pics.
Walmart Sweater-bought it a month or two ago...first time wearing it. Just hadn't gotten around to it. I actually really like it, now that I've finally worn it. Too bad I can't wear it again for about a month!

Grey Knit Pleated Skirt-I've had this one for a few years ...I think I bought it at Steinmart in VA.

Grey Diamond Pattern Tights-Target...I've had these for them....very warm.

Fake Motorcycle boots-Walmart...last winter, only worn once before.

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