Friday, December 17, 2010

Day Four -No Repeats

 Purple Cable Sweater-Target(Last Year)
Black Ruffle T-Shirt(underneath) -Walmart (Last Year)
Brown Cargos-Not sure..had them a few years.
Socks-Handknit, gift during a Sock Swap I participated in a few years ago.
I Like the sweater and wore it alot last year. Last year was my 'Purple' year. I wore a LOT of Purple....I love the socks as well. They are fun to wear and very warm and comfy. The pants I'm not too sure about. They fit 'ok' but I don't know...they're a little uncomfortable...they sit a bit below the waist and give me a bit of that "muffin top" feel. Maybe if I lost a few pounds they'd feel better( they were a little tight, not uncomfortabley tight , just slightly) But then again, I worry that if I lost a few pounds then they'd probably fit too loose and constantly be falling off or at least feel like it. I think it's mostly that the rise is wrong for my body. So these may not be sticking around. I really like them and like the way they look. But they just don't 'feel" right. I'll try them again in January when I've hopefully lost a few pounds and see how they feel. If they still feel wrong, then they'll go in the Goodwill box.

Today was another slouchy type of day. I meant to get to the Post Office but it didn't happen. Commander DID take me to dinner though. We went to the Clubhouse in our Neighborhood( we live on a Golf Course with a Clubhouse restaurant) It's so great to have this place right up the street. It's like a two second drive for us, which is great on these cold winter nights when you really don't want to go out or go very far.

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Anonymous said...

Purple is fantastic and those socks are awesome. I'm not a knitter, but I'm hoping to learn. I find that the rise on pants can make or break them. If the rise isn't right, they're just that little bit off and then uncomfortable. Not sure how tall you are, but tall sizes generally work a little better in the rise :)


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