Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Life of a Real Life Housewife....LOL

Laundry is a daily occurrence here. Have no idea why?!! We are only two people but I have at least one load to do almost EVERY day!

Decided to be all domesticated and stuff and baked some Oatmeal Raisin cookies.....this afternoon.

 Then let's have some nice garden veggies with dinner...YUMM...we have been eating fresh veggies for a while....first it was beets...then the carrots started coming it's corn and beans, although there are still some beets and carrots too.

Brad working on his latest project....

 Not to be confused with THIS latest project!! The last of the grapes were harvested today...we de-stemmed and bagged them up. They'll be stored in the freezer until we can deal with them. We only have two primary fermentation buckets and they are both full right now.....once they can be transferred to their glass holding bins then we can start another batch....

 And finally time to relax with some Sweet Muscat Wine from Simon Creek Winery up in Door County.

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