Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 House Tour

My Hen Friends decided to do a little house tour so I'm joining in. We built this house about four years ago. We've been living in it about three. We did most of the work ourselves, along with a LOT of help from one the Commander's brothers and a little help from other family members. We did hire out some of the work , like digging out and pouring the foundation, the initial plumbing and electrical, the plastering and making and installing the cabinetry in the Kitchen and Master Bath.

Here we start with the Kitchen, it's a bit cluttered but I love it.

Standing in the Kitchen looking at the Dining Area and living room beyond.  I love the color of these walls. It's called Pacific Breeze.

 Here I'm standing in the Dining Area looking into the Living Room. We origionally were going to have built-ins in those alcoves but put it off to save a little money. I kind of like it with the wall units in there so I'm not sure if we'll ever decide to put in built-ins.

 A view of the Living Room from the other side of the room.

 A corner of the Living Room, behind the couch on the left.

A corner off the to right, behind the couch.

 I love this little arrangement on the Living Room window.

 Our current mantle décor, I change this around often. And yeah, you caught me, I'm really into LMN!! LOL

 Top of one of the cabinets in the Living Room.  I love to decorate and collect so I take advantage of almost any surface!

 This is my Library. I've always wanted one, I love books. This was actually supposed to be a Formal Dining Room but we never really USE a formal Dining Room so I chose to put these shelves in and make it a Library.  It's pretty messy right now, I really need to get in there and re-organize and declutter this space. The wicker furniture in the fore-front is actually new furniture for our Sunroom that we are still building,so it's being stored up here in the Entry until it's ready to go downstairs. The Ceiling is a technique called Venetian Plaster. It doesn't show in this picture but it's very shiny and looks almost like marble.

 This room is off the other side of our Entry. It's our Music Room. Our family is very musical so we have a lot of instruments and equipment. Unfortunately no one really uses this stuff anymore. The Commander will sometimes come in here and play guitar, but not that often. The keyboard and drums are actually Drama Teen's(Not a Teen anymore)

Here is the main entry. We never use this as we always come in from the garage. Every once in a blue moon someone comes up to this door but most friends and family also come in thru the garage. The Music Room is off to the left and the Library is off to the right there. For now its' a big empty space. Commander has tried to convince me we should get a Baby Grand for this space, but it's just not something I really want. Neither of us play piano so it seems to me it will just sit there taking up space for nothing? I kinda like the idea of having big parties and this being a space for mingling or even dancing, like our own little Ball Room!

A cute little alcove going into the Master Bedroom.

 The Master Bedroom.

I really need to decorate this wall. I just haven't found anything I like, and I need a better night stand,otherwise I LOVE our Bedroom...

 Our Master Bath, another room I absolutely LOVE. I want to get a big painting for that back wall.

 The walk-in Shower that Commander  really LOVES!

This is the upstairs guest bath. Another of my favorite rooms. I love the darker color in here. It's called Submarine, which is ironic to me since Commander  was a Submariner in the Navy.

Now we are headed downstairs to the walkout basement. You can see the Game Room from the stairs. We entertain a LOT so we have lots of activities for friends and family to have fun when they visit.

We use a pellet stove to heat most of the house.

 The pellets are fed thru the wall from  a bin on the other side,we just open up that little door and out they pour!

And then I pour them into the top of the stove.

 Looking into the Theatre Room( AKA the ManCave) from the Game Room. It's also Commander's Love Me Room,we decorated with all of his Military plaques and pictures, and a Blue and Gold theme.

 The bar area off to the side of the Theatre Room. We have a Beer Fridge, a Microwave and a small Wine Fridge,and another TV..LOL

One of the downstairs Guest Baths. We are going for a "movie' theme in here.

 Storage Workshop area in the Basement.
This is where we store the Pellets.

And this is the bin that feeds into that opening in the Game Room.
 One of the Spare Bedrooms. This is supposed to be my Craft Studio but I still haven't gotten it together. At the moment it's also the room where Commander  is storing tools and supplies for the Sunroom. The new Sunroom addition is thru that door off the the left.

 This is a small hall going to the new Sunroom. There used to be a door immediately to the left to go outside..but because of the addition it needed to be moved further down where that step is. That door now leads into the Sunroom. There is also a Bathroom off the right of this little hall.

 The new Sunroom addition. That corner there is where the Hot Tub will go once the room is finished. The walls are up and have been plastered. We will start painting tomorrow.

 The ceiling that will be above the Hot Tub. We'll be hanging a fan and light from the center.
 A small alcove off one side.  The Hot Tub will be moved.

Another alcove off the other side.

 This is the Bathroom off that little hall,it connects to another spare Bedroom.

And this is the 3rd Bedroom. It origionally was meant to be Drama Teen's(NOT a Teen anymore).She still has a LOT of her stuff in here even though she really never actually 'lived' here much, LOL. 
This also double as BIL and SIL's room when they stay over.

 And finally, this picture hangs in the Stairway Landing. It's a painting of the first Submarine Brad was stationed on--The USS Georgia.

So, that concludes my tour. Please head over to Mama Brightowls Blog to see her home tour. And check out Heathers while you're at it too!


Mama Brightowl said...

Wow, I love your house! It's so big and open, and everything looks homey and comfy! Your library is awesome! I LOVE your theater room, wow, that is the coolest room ever! Thanks for sharing! :)

Maggii said...

Thanks! We have a TON of family here and we have them over we wanted a big open space to entertain's messy but loved!

Rebecca Wicker said...

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