Friday, September 06, 2013

A New Adventure

I just realized there's so much that has happened in this past year that I haven't really shared with all of y'all. One BIG project around here is that CDR decided he would like to start a Winery....YES Seriously!! We have NEVER made Wine before and I haven't got the slightest clue what goes into it all(other than the little bit I've learned from various Winery tours) but CDR has decided it would be a fun endeavor for the two of us and any other family members who'd like to participate, so last year we purchased about 60 grapevines.....6 different varieties....and we planted them on a hill in our backyard....they took off really well last year. We pinched off all the grapes, as you're not supposed to let them go to fruit the first year or want all the energy to go to the plants instead.....but they did so well last year that we decided to take a chance this year and let some of them go to fruit.....So far , so good!

 We've now started to harvest them and we are getting quite a yeild!! So far we've harvested 3 of the varieties...we still have 3 more to harvest. Our first batch we had only about 5lbs.  The second we had about 18lbs. and today's we had 29lbs!!
I think these were Frontenac......

 These we harvested today....they are Kay Grays...

 I think we'll try to harvest the rest tomorrow and CDR plans to start wine-making this weekend. It will take a good year before the wine will be we wont know for a while if it all turned out okay...LOL Like I said next year we'll allow more of the plants to go to grapes and probably have a much larger harvest. Eventually the plan is to buy more land and really make it a business. IF we enjoy it!..I think we will!  

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