Monday, September 09, 2013

Inspired By........

So today's outfit is one of those 'Inspired By' type outfits. I read lot of Fashion and Style blogs...the other day I came across this one: Two Birds . The idea is , every week they post an 'inspiration" picture, usually of a celebrity or just another stylish blogger. And on Monday you post your own version of this 'look'. Here was todays Inspiration :

And here is my version....

  Thin cotton top in Navy-I think I got it at Target a good 5 or 6 years ago..I used to wear this top ALL the time. It's comfortable and just loose enough without being too baggy. It goes with a lot of things. VERY versatile . I haven't worn it much this year and not sure why. It is a little thin and not exactly 'see-thru' but a little? Still love it though!
Black Cargo style twill shorts-Walmart last year. I have two others also from Walmart and a few similar shorts from Old Navy and Target. Love them ...super comfy again. Can be dressed up or down.
And then my  Floral shoes.... Again these are pretty old....about 4 or 5 years? They are from Target, part of the Liberty of London line. I wore them all the time when I first got them and quite a bit over the last few years...but I think this is the first time I've worn them this summer. I almost got rid of them even! Not sure why.....they are cute and comfortable!
 So there you have MY version of the Inspiration pic. I think I did a good job. I absolutely LOVED this outfit today...I felt great in it all day. I even felt: Dare I Say It? Slim???? LOL
In other news I also started my Exercise Program today. I am going to try to make it thru all 6 weeks of Slim in Six by BeachBody.....I've had it for years and have almost finished it a couple of times. Giving it one more shot. I did the Start it Up workout. 25 minutes. It's mostly a 'practice' workout to get you used to the moves in the 'real' workout. But at 25 minutes it's a pretty good workout itself and I was sweating by the end and I  know I will be feeling my muscles I'm going to stick with it for the rest of the week and then move up to Ramp it Up......
This is how I looked today in my workout gear on Day 1.....Believe me, it's a flattering pose...LOL
As you can see I have some lumps and bumps I need to get rid of...I weighed in at 204!! YIKES! Yes 204.....NOT acceptable.

After my Slim in Six workout I decided to do a little more Cardio and walked on the treadmill for almost 40 minutes. It felt good and I could have gone longer, but it was getting close to noon and I had a lot of other things to get done today. I need to get up earlier and workout earlier so I can workout longer.

Not a bad day though. I feel good and looking forward to tomorrow!

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