Saturday, September 07, 2013

Making Wine!

We started our first batch today....oh my this is going to be a LOT of can read more about it over at my new Wine -Making Blog......I'll post short little quips about it all here once in a while but I'll be doing more detailed posting over there.....A Backyard Vineyard.

 Our grape harvest so far.....we used all the Edelweiss and Kay Gray and a small amount of the Frontenac Gris(the dark ones up there)
 Using a potato masher to crush the grapes...tedious work!
The Crushed grapes get placed in this mesh bag, and as they break down even further the juice can seep out and we can remove the bag and be left with just the juice......This was the Primary Fermentation. In about 24 hours we'll start with the next step....

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