Saturday, September 07, 2013


Via Flickr:
Mustard and Cream striped T-not sure...Target I think, a few years ago..
Gray Skirt-again not sure...Target I think...LOL
Sandals- Target last year or the year before...I've only worn these one other time...need to wear more often.

 Rose Gold Bracelet from Current was my reward last year when I lost 10 pounds....the plan was to get a new one for every 10 pounds.....If I manage to get back on the Weight loss Bandwagon again I'll follow thru with that plan...part of me feels I shouldn't wear it anymore since I've gained the weight back....but part of me thinks wearing it will motivate to get back on it!....
 Earring's from Kohl's this past April- They were a Birthday Present to myself. Rose Gold with White and Brown Crystals.....very pretty and have worn them all year....
And finally my Sandals......bought these last year or the year before at Target...Another of those shoved them in my closet and forgot about them things....these are pretty cute and I like them...I could see them replacing the brown ones from yesterday. The only thing is they don't quite seem to fit toes are pushed too far's not a major issue....and I think with wear the canvas will stretch a little and they'll fit more properly....they aren't uncomfortable or anything I think I just need to get used to them. They ARE pretty cute!

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