Friday, November 03, 2006

Secret Mail...of the best kind!!

Wednesday night when Britt and I got home from Mass(All Saints Day-Holy Day of
Obligation)..there was a strange box on our porch...what on earth is that? I asked.....hmmnnn.......why a package from my SP9 Pal..........and itwas fillled with this lovely goodness: there's a couple of New sock Yarns for me
to make
some new socks...and .........

a bunch of sock scraps for my Deployment Blanket..... far I was able to add 4 more squares to my blanket!!!! Do you recognize the yarns SP9 pal??? the two large blocks are yours....the red one...the one next to the red one and the one below that one....I'm still a little behind......I'm working on a pair of socks now so I can use those scraps...hopefully there'll be enough left to make a small far it looks like there probably will be.... I'm still interested in scraps ..if anyone would like to send me some...I guess they call this "yarn whoring"....

and here's the latest socks on the sticks:

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Anonymous said...

I was starting to grow worried that you hadn't gotten the box! I'm glad you did and I'm SOOO glad you enjoyed the scraps. I'm working on several pair of socks right now (of course) so I should have a few more scraps by the time the secret pal thing is over.

I hope you enjoy your NEW goodies as well.

Since socks seemed to be the theme of that box... any ideas/requests for the theme for the next box?


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