Friday, November 24, 2006

A day late ..but we had a really Nice day yesterday...we invited Britt's boyfriend and his parents over...I was a little nervous..I've 'met" them a few times...but never really sat down and vistited with them.....i was worried how well we'd hit it off....wether they'd 'like' us.( I can be soo insecure sometimes)....but we really hit it off and had a GREAT was hard because of course Brad is not here.....two months down...five more to go!!
I cooked Turkey with stuffing( which came out GREAT..i was surprised..LOL) mashed potatoes....candied yams....broccoli casserole..tortiere( a french canadian meat's actually a traditional christmas dish but my family has been also making it for thanksgiving as long as I can remember)...2 pumpkin pie...2 chocolate cream pie..

they brought deviled eggs...cracker pie( amazing good) ..cherry pie and sweet potato pie

Brad e-mailed earlier in the day...he'd had his thanksgiving dinner already and it was evening when he was writing....told us a little about his life on the ship....I guess his office is right beneath the flight deck..LOL..he says there are jets taking off 10 feet above his head...the noise is deafening.....their aircraft are going on missions to support the ground troups in Iraq....many of the ships in this battlegroup have been busy intercepting suspicious small merchants(Dhows)..they've seen everything from drugs to dead animals being thrown be honest this bit of info has made me a little nervous....I've been living in denial ... thinking.. oh ..he's totally safe nothing's going to happen to a BIG ole Aircraft carrier....I didn't realize how much in dangers way they could be...i mean i sorta did...but not i said, in denial...head in sand....I still feel fairly confident that's he'll be fine...and nothing will happen but the possibility IS there i guess.....I'm such a pathetic excuse of a "navy wife" ..LOL

He misses home and church...but they are keeping him very busy......he says tooo busy ..but I told him that's probably a 'good" thing right will make the time go faster ....anyway ...that was my thanksgiving......I was hoping i'd get a phone call from him but it was not to least i got the e-mail something I never would have gotten when he was on subs( as they didn't have e-mail when he did his sub deployments)anyway hope everyone else had a nice thanksgiving with family and/or friends!

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