Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seeing the Pope

As I mentioned earlier I was lucky enough to snag some tickets to see the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI this week. The Drama Teen and I went along with another Woman from our Church and it was the most amazing experience of my life...We were some of the first to arrive...we able to get almost to the front of the Baracades practically in front of the Basilica Steps. We were able to watch Pope Benedict come up in his PopeMobile, get out, and climb the steps to the Basilica. We chose to stay to watch his departure as well. The few people right in front of us chose not to, so we were able to have a front row view of his departure. Unfotunately my camera batteries started to die out right as he was departing so I wasn't able to get decent pictures of him then.

Here I got some video coverage of Benedict going up the stairs . I ahd a great shopt right over the shoulder of the man standing in front of me. Benedict got to the top and as he turned and spread his arms the guy decided to lift his arm to wave at the Pope , right in front of my Camera AACCKKK..oh well...

The whole day was just beautiful. We rode the Metro into DC. Stopped at Union Station for Lunch . Arrived at Catholic University around 2:00. Got into line to pass thru the gates. They were selling memorabilia. I bought some T-shirts and a couple hats( for the Drama Teen and I), and a Bumper Sticker.LOL.

Here the Bishops and Cardinals are arriving. This Bishop got his camera out to take pictures of us...LOL....everyone thought that was funny.
This Cardinal was the only one who actually came up to the Baracades to greet us. We all thought that was really cool of him.

The weather was Awesome. It was downright Hot. We all got a little burnt. It was soo great to see the HUGE crowds of people there..Mostly was Awesome to see so many people with a Common Faith.

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