Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Soooooooo..Today my computer Crashed!!! What a disaster, seeing as I'm not one to back-up my files very often....a good 6-8 months worth of Pics all gone.....Thank God I blog and put most of my favs in my blog, so I still have a good amount of pics left!!...Unfortunately...I am supposed to be the Picture Historian for the Choral Boosters at the Drama Teens school. I've lost nearly ALL my choral photos!! Now what do I do?? Oh well ..I guess I'll be e-mailing parents to share their pics..I hope a few have taken some thruout the year.

And better yet....when I was calling for technical help...my warranty had expired so in order to get any help I needed to pay.. it was $50 bucks for basically a one-time technical support( alhtough I guess it was good for up to two weeks..in case there are still problems?) or I could renew the warranty for a year for $100...I went with the $100 thinking hmmn it seems like a better deal....It was kind of a snap decision( I REALLY wanted my computer fixed like NOW) so I paid $100, for the technician to tell me Press F11..and follow the directions....MAN do I feel like an idiot now...I could have figured THAT out on my own, eventually....so all they had me do is wipe my hardrive clean, losing all my files...that was their $100 solution@@

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