Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fashion Fiesta

I had hoped to particpate in Big Mama's Fashion Fiesta..It is probably too late to add myself to her linky . She said she was going to close it at midnight tonight. I was going to make the post earlier today...BEFORE the crash...never got the chance.

I figure I can still post my Fashion Fiesta piece here though....so here goes. I like to wear Sundresses in the Spring and Summer...Lately the weather goes back and forth..so some days I can wear them other days ( like today) it's too cold yet. I usually wear a tank top underneath or even a little t-shirt as I don't like being TOO exposed. The clothing in these first two photos are my new Spring Clothes...My Birthday was on the 9th so I treated myself to a few things. I decided to check out Rose's( A discount store in the area) I hardly ever shop there because well...most of the stuff there is 'cheap" and/or trashy. ( IMO) But I was shopping in another store nearby and figured what the heck...why not? LOL...and they had all these cute Sundresses REAL cheap..so I couldn't resist...yeah sure they are probably pretty cheaply made.....but they'll be great to lounge around in all summer. I really LOVE the little blue and beige peasant top in the second pic..I've already worn it a few times with jeans. Jeans tend to be a staple in my wardobe. I have a few pairs of Levi's and recently I found a cute pair of Trouser Jeans which are my new favorite.

Last year the knee length bermuda style shorts came back and I wore them all summer...I plan to wear them this summer as well with some cute tops.As for shoes I absolutely LOVE shoes of ALL kinds...this is just a small sampling....I wear Espadrilles a LOT in the Spring and Summer I was sooooo thrilled when they made a comeback...I wore these all the time in High School. I must have about 10-15 pairs at least. LOL!

I also like to wear ballet flats and flipflops.
These are my new Summer Sandals. I just got them last week but haven't had a chance to wear them yet. If you like them you can buy them here .

As for jewelry, this is what I've been wearing lately. Most of these can be bought here as well.

Here I am today. Getting ready to run a few errands.


Anonymous said...

Cute dresses and shirts!

I tend to prefer knee length shorts too; it's nice they're back in style.

Blondie said...

Aaahhh....lucky girl! I love the sundresses, and those are really cute tops! Now I want to go shopping! ;)


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