Thursday, April 10, 2008

Exciting Happenings

Oh what a busy time we are having....for starters the Drama Teen has a big Audition tomorrow.

She's trying out for the next Nashville Star!!!

They are having a special Military Casting Call at the Base...for any Military workers and their family we're going to give it a shot! Who Knows!! If she makes the first cut...she'll have to Audition again Saturday on the Iwo Jima...This is pretty exciting.....we know it's a long shot...but ya never the least it's a great experience for her!

And........then next week.....we are going to see the POPE!!!!!!

I have tickets for the Drama Teen and I to be in DC at Catholic University to welcome the POPE as he comes to say Mass at the Bascilica!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! We are quite excited!!

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