Friday, October 05, 2007

Wisconsin Trip

Brad and I spent a week up in Wisconsin last month ...His mother Has retired and the family was having a party for her so we decided to fly up for the party and to visit with's so nice to be at that stage in our lives when we can make snap decisions like that...and not have to worry who'll watch the kids or what we'll do with them...Britt is 17 and with her two big Brothers still living at wasn't tooooo difficult to let her stay home with was really nice up there for it being almost October....we are contemplating moving up there in the next year...Brad is thinking of possibly staying in the Navy and working in an ROTC program at a University....he would try to get a placement at a College in Wisconsin preferrably Madison....he has a few other ideas as that could take us to Charleston SC instead.....or he might just go ahead with his origional plans to retire next summer and find a job here...I have mixed emotions about the whole Wisonsin of me would love it's pretty nice up there and homes are still pretty affordable...we figure we could sell our house here and have more than enough to buy a comparable home up there and still have some left does get awfully c-c-c-c-old up there though....and I REALLY don't like COLD...but he's assured me we could probably just go south for the winter each I'm game for that...LOL

NO this isn't the latest member of Blue Man
Group......Brad decided to paint his mom's truck while we were up there....he always gets involved in a few different projects when we visit...his mother and her husband had recently 'painted' said truck.....with Bright Blue Tractor paint....and horrors of horrors they used a PAINT BRUSH..LOL...well......Brad just couldn't have his mother driving around in a tractor blue truck painted with a PAINT he was determined to get it painted properly while he was there....he started the day before her party and expected to get it done in one day...unfortunately she had another house emergency that day....a leaky waterpipe ..that took him away rom the paint job...took him all day to fx the he painted said truck the day of the party finishing just as guests were arriving.....well silly man that he is...

he parked it right in the drive where guests were milling about.....wouldn't you of the guests decided to lean against the freshly painted truck leaving a nice Brad spent the better part of the next day painting it again.....LOL

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