Friday, October 19, 2007

Brittney National Anthem

I know I have been slow in blogging ...there's been so much happening around here these days keeps me pretty exciting was Senior Day at Britt's High School and she was chosen to sing the National Anthem at tonights Football game!!
Brad took this video with my cheapy Kodak Camera so it's not of the best's staticy and he somehow cut if off right before the end....if I can ever figure out how to upload the video from our good camera I'll post that copy's MUCH nicer

She was VERY excited....she had auditoned for it for the Homecoming Game and lost out to another student in her class.....and then somehow the student didn't get with the right person or show up at the right spot and never sang it....the Band played it instead....needless to say Britt was quite upset as she'd have gladly sung it that night and been where she needed to be and have talked to who she needed to talk to etc to be given the opportunity tonight really meant a lot to her...she also audtioned for Virginia's Honors Choir a couple of weeks ago and was one of two students at her school that were chosen......this is quite an Honor as it is VERY difficult to get's similar to All State Chorus ..but only Seniors can audition and they only take the top students thrupout the state.....there are no district quotas so there is no guarantee that anyone in the district will even be picked...All State is for Juniors and Seniors( she made it last year) and they take a certain amount of students from each district so the chances of making it in All State are much higher than for Honors were there are no district quotas..also Honors Choir is aobut half the size of All State so that lessens your chances as you can imagine Britt is quite excited as am I!!!

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Laura said...

Woo-hoo, Go Britt!

She has an absolutely amazing voice - what a very talented young lady.


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