Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Progress...

...on the Two Rivers House...We bought this place back in March, as a temporary home to tide us over until the VA House Sold...It was built in the 1880's and in dire need of updating, so Commander got right to work practically tearing the whole thing apart....he tore down most of the walls upstairs....reframed for a larger Master Bedroom and adding a Master Bath...We are finally starting to get it 'put back together"...all the walls are pretty much 'up' and we've plastered and painted most of them. We still have one bedroom and bathroom to redo( the ones we are using presently)

Here CDR is spraying on textured plaster.....WHAT A MESS!!!

CDR and his brother confer while figuring out how to install my new Hall light ..YAY!!
View of my newly painted stairwell, the color is Clam Bake..and irridescent ivoryish color...maybe now I'll finally get REAL stairs...and not just boards balanced on the frame...LOL ...check out the cool Archway CDR and his Brother placed at the bottom of the stairs!

One of the spare Bedrooms...freshly painted in Khaki..

Here we have two views of my newly painted Walk-in closet...this connects to the Master Bath....Painted in Wood Lily.

and finally the piece de resistance.... The Master Bedroom...freshly painted in Opal Ice On Walls with a Periwinklish Blue Ventian Plaster on the Ceiling.

This is the ceiling insert with the Venetian Plaster. CDR mixed a little white paint into it to give it a slightly 'cloudy" look. The pics don't show it, but this turned out pretty a mirror finish, almost.

Upclose shot of the Ceiling insert and tray trim...

Oh ....and top of all this.....we are hoping to break ground on the NEW place early next week!!!!

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