Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Garden This Week

Thought I'd share a few pictures of the Garden at our Two Rivers Home...this garden has been doing amazingly well!! The previous owner really did a good job building up the dirt here.

My Tomatoes are FINALLY starting to turn ...we were worried they wouldn't make it before the first's been getting awfully chilly here at night.

Green Peppers are doing great....we've had a steady stream all summer...

The Squash are getting HUGE!

The Corn has done well.....we have some every few days......and it is REALLY good!

Some flowers blooming in the Garden...the previous owner didn't do veggies just flowers and he had it set up so that there would be something blooming all summer...

One lone tiny Watermelon....the only thing that didn't seem to workout this summer...

Pumpkins are starting to turn ..just in time for Autumn..
And here is our bounty for yesterday.....most of the Carrots and one of the Green Peppers went into last nights Stir well as some of the Green Beans ( underneath)...the Cherry Tomatoes get snacked on thruout the day here.

It's been a really great year for the garden.....CDR plans to take the garden with us to the Seven Lakes House...LOL....he literally plans to dig up the dirt and most of the flower plants and move it there!!!

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