Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We've Been Framed!

Framing has begun on the Seven Lakes House! Things are moving along pretty well, so far. CDR's Little Brother is doing most of the building, and his Big Brother is helping out. BB works in the afternoon at his real job so he's been going out in the mornings to help before work...then CDR heads out after he gets off his real job to continue with the help in the afternoon. LB is a Home Builder by trade and we've hired him on to build the this IS his real job! It poured rain most of the yesterday afternoon and evening , so today the ground was really mucky. I learned this AFTER stepping into it up to my ankles and losing my shoe in it!! LOL.Here I am walking precariously along the concrete walls. They're MUCH higher than they look..and I was too afraid to go much further. I used to do really well on the balance beam as a kid, but that was about 30 years ago and 100 pounds ago!
I managed to find some firmer ground to get around back and get a few pics of the framing that got started today. Tomorrow the Excavator should be coming out to backfill and then we get the basement floor poured and continue with the rest of the framing.

LB picking up after a hard days work!

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