Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Coffee

WWCS is really making me crave MORE coffee lately...LOL.....for Breakfast this morning I had a piece of yummy Pumpkin Bread with my Coffee....these are my new "Fall" dishes by Tracy Porter....Unfortunately I've already chipped one of the matching bowls...ARGGG...I bought a set of Winter dishes from her line a couple of years ago and within a month or two half the pieces were chipped and it really pissed me off...I kept meaning to send her a note about it, but never got around to far this set has held up MUCH better...I really like her stuff... but it chips WAY too easy IMO....don't think I'll be buying anymore of her least not her 'Target' ones...

and this afternoon I took a few minutes to relax with another cup and another piece....this is one of my favorite mugs...I like the little Roosters and the little flowers on the inside of the cup....these have a real 'french' flair to them....IMO

With the Holidays approaching I'm in 'crafty" mode....I have a hankering to make socks again...I think this will be my "Holiday" gift for most of my family and friends....I found this half finished sock today while I was searching for my Crochet Socks Book.......I started it AGES ago....I mean like 8 or 9 years ago....BEFORE blogs were the BIG thing and you could read all about bloggers making socks for things like Secret Sock Swaps , Sockapaloozas, Socktoberfests, and such.......LOL....I never finished them because I didn't like how they were crocheting up and I gave up on them ...but now that I am a Crocheted Sock expert( after Summer of Socks LAST year...I WON BTW)I am frogging it and will start another pair.

and Look what else I accomplished today.....This is what I fondly refer to as the Teen Hang Out Room....there's an ancient VCR for watching all those OLD Disney movies.....and there's a couple of gaming systems and video games...these days Dance Dance Revolutions and Sing Star get the most "play' time.... I can pretty much guarantee that it will look like the 'before' pic again before the week is done..LOL



Anne said...

Ooh very nice clean up job - I've been doing a bit of that myself this weekend :D I like your second cup too! I love mugs that have little pictures on the inside - I think it looks so neat!

Anonymous said...

Hi WWCS pal! That pumpkin bread looks really good! I am looking forward to getting to know you! Have a great week!


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