Friday, November 02, 2007

All Souls Day

Today was All Souls Day...a day to remember all those who have passed before us...I've lost quite a few relatives thru the years...All of my grandparents have passed...My paternal Grandfather died when I was Six..both of my grandmothers died of Cancer when I was in my teens...My maternal Grandfather died about 10 years ago , I think...I was not close to him as he left my grandmother when my mother was a child...My cousin Donald died on my 10th Birthday...he was hit by a Drunk Driver on his way home from school... it was a Hit and Run but luckily they found the guy quickly and he was convicted...that was a difficult one for me...I still have a hard time enjoying my Birthday sometimes...I've also lost a few Aunts and Uncles in the last few years....On Thanksgiving Day 2003 my husbands Step Father passed away ...and then during Spring Break of 2005 my Nephew Tony was killed in a freak accident...he was only 19 years old..the same age as one of my sons...and finally on Holy Thursday of last year my Brother was killed in a horrible trucking can read the story here ....his has been the most difficult so far....I still can't believe he's truly gone.

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