Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sock yarn temptation

My new organic alpaca from (part of my Most Socks Prize) has been eyeing me and calling my name for the last few days...I really wasn't planning to start any new socks as I have quite a few other projects I'm trying to work on...but once I finally finished the Lozenge socks I started last put me in the mood to make more I've started a pair with the organic alpaca...this is beautiful yarn...and the socks are knitting up really beautifully.....the pattern is Mati Hari from

then I started thinking I really would like some Halloween or Autumn type I went searching today for something of that nature in a sock yarn....and here is what I found...some Forever Jaquard in brown oranges and golds.......and then I saw the Lorna's Laces in purple and green and thought... those would make awesome witch I bought both!! and some doublepoint knitting needles in smaller sizes 1 and 0...the smallest I had so far was 2's


Angelika said...

So many socks, so little time. Don't get them all mixed up now, they'll haunt you as UFO's, you know! Especially on Halloween. Booh

tara said...

The socks are looking great! I'd love to see them finished and put it 'em in the BCB gallery!

Laura said...

Hi Maggii - are you okay, haven't seen you around in a while?

((((HUGS)))) been thinking of you.


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