Saturday, October 07, 2006


What to do on a Saturday? Why, spend it at the Mall with your teenage daughter of course!!!... actually the LAST thing I want to do on a Saturday is go to the's teenage MADNESS, I tell ya.....much better to go there on a Tuesday morning or something...but....I'd promised the rugrat that I'd finally take her to get her Ring Dance dress....we found a really pretty one in Lilac...her favorite color

.... and it looked BEAUTIFUL on her..the Picture doesn't do it or her justice...the color is soo much more vibrant on her in person....and her skin just GLOWED next to the color! To be honest I wasn't that crazy about it on the just seemed kinda blah....but.......when she tried it on ...OH just came to life and looked gorgeous!Now we just have to find shoes...LOL

After shopping we went over to Red Robin( our favorite) for a late lunch early dinner......when we lived in Washington State there was a Red Robin and we LOVED going there.....that was about 14 years ago......we missed it once we moved...and then a few years ago they built this one here in Virginia...we were thrilled!!

We almost didn't make it to the mall today because as some of you may have known...Southeast Virginia was kind of in the middle of a N'or Easter last night and todaay.....but it wasn't too bad ...just a ton of rain....we had to take an alternate route as the main road I take was flooded.....hopefully by tomorrow the little back road we take to church will be 'OK"....I have a feeling I'm going to have to take the LOOOONNNGGG way around though.....we'll have to get up extra early so we can get there on time..

This afternoon's Saturday Sky

and finally Surprise Mail!!! This package was in my mailbox today from first I could not figure out who it could be from...I'd received all my swap felt like 'yarn"....then I opened it and THIS is what it PRIZE for winning the Most Socks Contest for SOS!!!! Woo Hoo....

and I should be getting another package soon...the second half of

my prize....but just look at this gorgeous yarn goodness!! and these adorable knitting needles!

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