Saturday, August 12, 2006

Installation of Officers-K of C

My husband is the District Warden for our the Knight of Columbus. This means we get to attend Installations all over the region...Tonight we attended one for another Church in our area..

We attended Mass beforehand and it was a lovely's always interesting to attend Mass at different Churches because alhtough so much is the same ...there are also some nice differences...Tonight there were three beautiful baby boys being Baptised ..the Priest was wonderful...energetic and friendly...he had all the small children come up and sit around the Baptismal font to be a part of the was really sweet...I didn't take any pictures at Mass because I didn't feel comfortable intruding during that special time..but I took a few of the Installation after Mass...

Here is My Husband talking to Father before the Installation begins:

When a Knight is Installed as an Officer his wife or significant other places a special Jewel around his neck...Each Office has a specific Jewel:

Here are all of the New Officers who have just been sworn in:
most of my Pics didn't come out very well...I had trouble with my camera settings and then once I got them straightened out my batteries died..LOL

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