Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A day at Bay Beach( Green Bay)

Took the kiddo's big and small to Bay Beach amusement park on Monday ...fun was had by all young and old...LOL
That's Nate in the Shirt and tie....did I mentin this new 'phase" he's in? He dresses this way EVERY day, for EVERY occasion...I NAG him to wear shorts and and "T"....who'd have thought I'd be arguing with my son NOT to wear a shirt and tie..LOL

Riding the Train woo hooo

SIL with her 1st ,and only so far,grandbaby

Rachel and Britt with a couple cousins in between...they call this the SCAT....probably because it 'scatters" your brain...LOL..and everything else...

tilt a wirl....doesn't Brandon just look soooo thrilled?...LOL

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