Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Latest Obsession!

I was never a Wine drinker before. I really didn't even LIKE wine. But ever since I moved to Wisconsin and started hanging out with my SIL I've come to really enjoy the Local Wines we have here. And my husband has jumped on the Bandwagon as well. We've toured quite a few Wineries and have even decided to start a Vineyard of our own! It will probably be a few years before we'll have anything decent but we might even try to make a few bottles next year.

Anyway, many evenings will find me enjoying a nice glass from some local winery and often my husband will join me. Get my SIL in on the action and we've been known to go thru a few bottles!!

Usually I pick up a couple bottles of Local Wine from the Grocery that we've already tried and know we like. But this week I decided to branch out and try something different. I picked up this White Wine from Spurgeon Vineyards in Highland Wisconsin. I wasn't sure I liked it when I first tried it, but after a few more sips it grew on me and I was like whoa!! This is good! We'll have to make a trip to Highland to check out this Winery.

Brad and I have really been enjoying touring wineries, especially now that he's trying to start one himself. It's kindof fun though. I certainly have been enjoying the 'tasting' part! LOL We make an effort wherever we go to find local wineries to tour and I buy a Wine Glass from each Winery we tour. It's a fun hobby!

Description from the back of the bottle:The Loreley is a legendary maiden who sits atop the cliffs of the Rhine River in Germany. She is a siren whose sweet singing would lure sailors to their death onto the rocks below. This wine was named for The Loreley because it's so reminscent of Rhine wines. It is semi-sweet with a very nice balance. It's fruitiness is exquisite.

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