Thursday, January 31, 2013

Better Late Than Never-Wedding!

 I realize I never did get around to sharing about our daughters wedding this past summer. I kept meaning to come and post about it , share pics and all, but just never did. The more time went by the more it seemed I 'missed' the window to be able to share. But you know it's never too late, so better late than never!!

The Wedding was this past July in New Jersey. Her fiance spent his childhood in Merchantville and his family all still lives there, so it seemed the best place to have the Wedding. They were married in the Church he grew up in and that his parents still attend. The Church was absolutely beautiful and the service just as much so. The reception was at the Pennsauken Country Club and it was one of the best receptions we've ever been to. The food was too DIE for, and most of our guests were quite impressed! Our daughter did a very good job of  keeping costs down and we did a lot ourselves. She made her own dress and it turned out beautiful.

 She also did the flowers herself and we even made the centerpieces for the table at the reception ourselves. It wasn't easy planning a wedding across country when neither of us live there. She was planning from Oklahoma and we were planning from Wisconsin! Rachel came up in May for her Wedding Shower( which I posted about) .Then Rachel and I headed to New Jersey early to get things finalized. We stayed with her fiance Joe's family. It was really fun getting to know them better and they were such a great help with all the wedding planning. Most of Brad's family came later. We rented a bunch of cabins at a Campground nearby, plus we brought our 5th Wheel. It was a whirlwind vacation as we tried to get in as many sights as possible during our stay. A day was spent in Philly. Another in NYC. And yet another at the Jersey Shore! And of course fitting in a Rehearsal Dinner and and Wedding and Recpetion!

 Presenting her Bouquet to Mary.

I'll share a few more pictures of the Wedding and of course a bunch from the Reception in another Post soon!

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