Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Little French Cooking

Ok, So a few months back I ordered a book on Amazon by Dorie Greenspan. It wasn't actually 'out' yet , so I had it on hold to be shipped as soon as it was published. I recieved it about a month ago, but hadn't tried any of the Recipes yet. I've been soooo looking forward to having my new kitchen so I could cook scrumptious meals like the one I'm making tonight. I've really been obsessed with All Things French for quite a while now( Heck really, my whole life---I'm French Canadian/American BTW), and really wanted to make something 'French" ..so I started pulling out some of my French cookbooks(I have quite a few) and noticed my new Dorie Greenspan Around My French Table cookbook and thought, why not? I quickly found a ton of recipes for Roast Chicken, and seeing as how I had recently bought a whole fryer chicken , I decided to make the first recipe I saw. It seems very simple so I'm sure I can't go wrong with it. It's roasting in the oven as I type and OMG, the smell is INCREDIBLE right now! Oops, there goes the timer....need to go add the veggies so they can roast too..be back in a sec!

There , I'm back. Added a few potatoes, and carrots. Opened a bottle of wine and had a quick snack of some Raspberry Asiago Cheese..YUMMM. I've never really been much of a Wine drinker, but since moving here, between having a ton of really good Wineries in the area, and the close proximity to a SIL who LOVES wine , I'm starting to become quite the Connoisseur. As I mentioned I'm obsessed with All Things French and have been trying to incorporate a bit of French Chic into my life. What could be more Chic than sipping on a glass of wine while inhaling the wonderful aroma of a Roast Chicken in the oven?

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