Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Very First Packer Game Ever!!

On Monday I got to attend my VERY FIRST PACKER GAME! That is a BIG deal here in the Frozen Tundra also known as PackerLand!!! I almost didn't get to to go. CDR had planned to take his 'sister"????!! WHA??? He didn't think I'd 'want' to go....Are you kidding me?? an actual Packer's Game? Heck Yah , I WANT to go. So he took me, and WOW what an experience! It was all very exciting! Coming into Green Bay on 'Game Day" ...Seeing the Throngs of people all headed towards the Stadium.....Everyone Partying and Tailgating! And then getting into the Stadium. all the Pre-Game festivities!

We had pretty awesome seats too. We were on the Packer Side....40 yard line....only 18 rows up, so we ahd a GREAT view of the game. And best of all, it wasn't anywhere near as COLD as I expected(pre-snowstorm...).

Oh...and YES They WON!!!!!!


Mrs. D said...

I'm a big Raven fan. Thanks for not pointing out how terrible they played.

Great seats you had there. I'm glad you had a good time. I love going to the games although I haven't been since having my 3 year old. The pre game festivities rock.

I got chills watching the men play in short sleeves. It sure looked colder than it must have felt.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! There is nothing like a game at Lambeau! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Maggii said...

Actually, they did pretty good, considering....Green Bay really messed up a LOT in this game...But it was a LOT of fun! I definitely want to go again...SOON!..LOL


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