Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gone Skiing

Haven't been on much....too much to do ..getting ready for Christmas. Drama Teen and Genius Boy are in for Christmas and we are all heading out to Oklahoma the day after Christmas to visit with the Co-ed and the Boyfriend....the Recruit will be there too. So we'll all be together as a family!
Today we all(Me, CDR, Drama Teen, and Genius Boy) went skiing!! CDR little Brother also came, although he's really not so 'little'...he IS 30.....It was the first time for all of us except CDR and his lil Bro'. CDR's been a few times in the last few years....he took Co-ed a few times.
I lasted all of about 10 minutes!LOL. I just couldn't handle it. I have weak ankles and legs and I just didn't have the strength to maneuver the ski's. I'm also totally out of shape...I proud of myself for at least trying though, and I had fun watching the others.

Drama Teen had a Blast and even tried snowboarding! Genius Boy did pretty well..I think he had fun but didn't enjoy it as much as Drama Teen and CDR.

Considering the fact that I HATE snow and cold, today really wasn't too bad.....I don't think 'skiing" is MY thing....but I could see myself enjoying Snowmobiling..or even sledding...maybe...

I stayed pretty warm with all my gear......the snow pants, snow boots, ski socks, long underwear, ski gloves and hats...etc.

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