Thursday, July 09, 2009

Shopping Trip!

So... yesterday I finally decided to venture into Green Bay....They have a Target and a Barnes & Noble....heaven!! It's a good 30 minute drive and due to contruction and detours I got lost and had to backtrack to find them.....Eventually I arrived at Barnes & Noble.....the selection was 'ok'...and I did manage to spend a bit there, but it was a little disappointing.....then on to Target ..took me a while to find it...and wow....TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!! They hardly had anything interesting.....thier clothing racks were pretty sparse...I figured by now( it's been a good month since I was last at a Target) there'd be all kinds of new stuff...and that there'd be all kinds of good stuff on clearance.....not really...even in the housewares department I wasn't able to find much that appealed to me....and that's REALLY shocking!!

Looks like I'll have more luck doing online shopping out here....Thank God for Online Shopping!

I'll have to venture out some more...who knows maybe I'll find some other cool shops....or maybe Milwaukee or Appleton will have better shopping?

PS. I did find some Cute Sandals(on clearance)...and a cute Skirt/Dress thing(smocked top...can be worn as a strapless dress or a long skirt)

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Anonymous said...

I'm late in commenting because I haven't been reading blogs and am trying to catch up just now...but...come to Milwaukee! It's only 45 minutes from is OK, I think (I'm not much of a shopper)...but food is good, and I am "here" and could join you!!!


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